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Group Conditioning Classes and Series 

At WellBeing Fitness, our group classes are designed to challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals in an encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels and age groups, and always offer assistance and modifications when necessary.



 Start Well AM Boot Camp: Start your morning strong at 6 AM! Full-body conditioning workout with elements of strength training and plyometrics centered around a cardio format. Tap into the host of health benefits from a full-body workout. Burn, strengthen and engage! This class meets twice per week with 6 Week Session Rotations for registration.  

Senior Wellness: This full-body class includes aspects of strength training, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility.  All fitness levels are welcome.  Join us if you exercise regularly or are just now starting to focus on your health.  Registration is through the Westford Council on Aging and Cameron Senior Center for Westford Residents, non residents can email us to be added to the class.

Student Strength and Conditioning: Athletic performance enhancement, injury prevention, speed work, and more for student-athletes ages 11-19 looking to advance their skill. Class styles change up each week to keep it fun and interesting and work on different skills. Join a scheduled weekly group or book your own private group of friends or teammates with an interest in fitness or a sport-specific program.  This program has three grouping options for this class; Middle School, High School Offerings, and For the Girls Fitness. 


Lift Well: Are you a student or teen interested in fitness and learning how to design a workout plan that is safe and most importantly effective? This four-week seasonal series is for the High School age group. Come away with knowledge on how to design a successful and well-balanced workout plan, learn proper posture, lifting techniques, and fitness tips to span a lifetime. 

WellFit Run Club: Seasonal Program Returns in March 2022 

Join the WellFit Run Club and provide yourself with some motivation, socially distant social interaction, and fun while we take to the streets for some fresh air and warmer weather runs! The courses will be mapped out with a beginner, intermediate and advanced option each week and we'll begin each session with a warm-up and active running drills and we'll end with a cool down and stretch.

You will have the option to schedule a free-running assessment at our studio by appointment. More Info to come. 

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