At WellBeing Fitness, our group classes are designed to challenge and motivate you to achieve your goals in a encouraging and inspiring atmosphere. We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels and always offer assistance and modifications when necessary.



Strong Start: Full body conditioning workout with elements of strength training and plyometrics centered around a cardio format. Tap into the host of health benefits from a full body workout. Burn, strengthen and engage!

WellBeing Group Conditioning: A full body conditioning class focusing on core stability and including elements of pliability, strength training, plyometrics and cardiovascular fitness.

FitPlay with Caregiver: Looking to get in a workout while your little one burns off some energy too? Here’s your opportunity to take time out for yourself with a full body small group conditioning class with one of our trainers, while your child participates in FitPlay, in our Group Fitness room.  FitPlay is designed for children ages 2-6 to keep them active and create a love for fitness and health from a young age. Through games, songs and basic exercises, children will learn how much fun staying active can be. In addition, there will be a 5-10 minute discussion on nutrition and healthy eating and you’ll walk out with a healthy recipe for you and your child to try. This program is designed to be 2 separate classes with you in our training room and your child in our group fitness room. This program is run in 7-8 week sessions and more information on pricing and schedules can be found HERE.

Youth Athletes Agility: Athletic performance enhancement, injury prevention, speed work and more for student athletes ages 11-19 looking to advance their skill. Class styles change up each week to keep it fun and interesting and work on different skills.

Power Conditioning: This cardio intensive class will focus on plyometric, strength and high-intensity training in an interval format designed to get your heart rate elevated followed by periods of rest.

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