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Class Styles and Descriptions


Slow Flow: This class is a slow-paced style of modern yoga where poses are held for longer periods and therefore help to build muscular endurance. Experience a creative series of poses, conscious breathing, and opportunities for meditative movement to help students achieve relaxation. Remove feelings of tension, gain flexibility, and improve strength in the body and clarity in the mind. This is a good choice for beginners.

All Levels Vinyasa:  A creative and dynamic form of yoga that uses breath to link physical yoga postures. Postures are sequenced in a way to help increase flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and allow you to tune in to your body’s own rhythm. Props, variations, and modifications are offered and students are encouraged to meet themselves where they are. Leave feeling, strong, relaxed, and refreshed. New to Yoga? This class is a nice way to start.

Vinyasa Plus: Take your vinyasa practice to the next level with this powerful flow class. Practice dynamic postures, move through challenging transitions, and experience the satisfaction of advanced sequencing.  Classes may incorporate deeper backbends, hip openers, twists, and forward folds. Students will be able to fine-tune their poses, deepen their breath, and tap into awareness all while building mental and physical strength and endurance. Prior vinyasa/all-level yoga experience is encouraged. 

Hatha: A strong dynamic yoga class that promotes strength of the body and mind and leaves you feeling invigorated and ready for any challenge a day can bring.

Yin: Unlike more yang (energetic) practices that target the muscles of the body, Yin yoga targets the connective tissue of the body. Yin yoga involves mostly seated and reclined postures which are passively held for 2-5 minutes, allowing joints and fascia to release. This meditative practice invites you to slow down physically and mentally, inviting stillness in the body and mind. Experience this mindful practice to create space deep in the body, increase energy flow, and reduce stress and anxiety. All levels are welcome.

Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching.  Props are used to keep you fully supported and relaxed and give you a sense of peace and calm in a busy world. The class will be in a candlelit room and there will be hands-on assistance and gentle massage. Absolutely no yoga experience is necessary for this class. 

Mindful Flow: This class is appropriate for all levels and focuses on holding poses for multiple breaths which allows for time to sink into poses that help to release your legs, hips, back, and shoulders. The class will go through a series of poses working muscles throughout the body.

Vinyasa Plus: This Power yoga is a vigorous, vinyasa-style yoga class.  It provides a challenging, creative series of poses that strengthen and stretch the body and help to build your energy and confidence.

Teen Yoga: This class is a slow-paced style of modern yoga where poses are held for longer periods, therefore building muscular endurance and toning the body. Experience a creative series of poses, flowing movements, and conscious breathing to help students achieve relaxation. Remove feelings of tension while students gain flexibility and improve strength in the body and mind. A great option for building confidence and tuning in to inner peace. All levels are welcome from beginners to advanced. Ages 11-19!


Yoga Pilates Fusion: Combining the stability of Pilates with the stretch, focus, and balance of a yoga practice. This class will have a yoga spirit and pace while incorporating Pilates exercises to develop shoulder, core, and pelvic stability.  Standing and balance poses will add strength and recruit the deep muscles developed in Pilates


Pilates with Weights: The class incorporates basic pilates moves and standing balance moves with 2-5 pound hand weights or weighted balls allowing for muscle toning, balance challenges, and core stability work.  It is appropriate for all levels since modifications can be used on all of the moves. 

Pilates Mat-1: Suitable for beginners and up, this series of exercises is a great place to start to focus on building strength in the whole body with a focus on a stable core. The benefits of doing regular Pilates include increased flexibility, balanced muscles on each side of your body, improved posture, better coordination and balance, increased lung capacity, enhanced concentration, and more!

Barre Cardio Fusion: Barre Cardio Fusion combines cardio, sculpting, toning, and stretching.  Warm up with low-impact exercise, sculpting with light hand weights, barre work for leg toning and balance, core work, and stretching for lean muscles. Props that might be used are 2lb weights, a small exercise ball, a yoga block and yoga mat, TheraBands and Pilates rings.

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