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Special Events

WellBeing Fitness Special Events

For The Girls - Strength and Conditioning Class

4 Week Series

Wednesdays 3:00 - 3:45 PM

This session, meeting once per week will be for the girls only to build strength, agility, flexibility and confidence. It will focus on strength and conditioning exercises using bodyweight or minimal individual equipment all while having fun! The class will be held in our group fitness room and will be for girls ages 11-19 with a maximum of 4 participants to ensure that Covid Safety protocols for distancing can be in place.

First Session: Wednesday, November 11th - Wednesday, December 2nd

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Sunday, December 6th 
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Restore and Renew - Virtual 

A healing, restorative practice of letting go. Connect, balance, and ground the mind, body & spirit bringing them into harmony. Enjoy extended holds of soul-nourishing restorative postures with lots of prop support for ease and comfort, promoting full relaxation. Class ends with a guided meditation and an extended rest in Savasana. Let your tension melt away!  

A recorded version of this class will be made available upon request once registered. 

COST: $20


Past Events

The Secrets of Plant Based Living Workshop

We were very excited to welcome back Chef Lauren D'Agostino via ZOOM to provide a fun and informative workshop to learn more about preparing healthy meals and embracing a plant-based lifestyle! Lauren is not only an experienced plant-based chef and cooking coach, but she's an expert at transforming your favorite dishes into healthy plant-based soul food. In this workshop we learned:

• The difference between plant-based + vegan
• How to grocery shop within your budget so healthy ingredients are always on hand
• How to process fresh produce so a healthy meal is ready in minutes
• How to enjoy traveling and dining out while living a plant-based and healthy life
• PLUS chef secrets for lifelong success in integrating your new lifestyle choices

5 Easy Ways to Naturally Boost Your Immunity Webinar

We were so excited to have Vegan Chef, Lauren D'Agostino and our very own trainer, Melissa Matheson to give 5 simple ways to help boost your immunity while at home. Through fitness, nutrition and natural solutions like essential oils they gave us easy things we could do today to keep us healthy and safe!

Self-Defense Class from the Vanessa T. Marcotte Foundation

During this Women's-Only Self-Defense Workshop, participants learned how to protect and stand up for themselves in many situations. It was an active participatory workshop, practicing realistic self-defense tactics and learning situational awareness and how to handle a confrontation both physically and mentally. Participants left feeling challenged and empowered!

Core and Pelvic Floor Workshop Series with Dr. Blair Evanosky

We very much enjoyed our 6 week workshop series with Dr. Blair Evanosky, Orthopedic and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. She provided us with an informative and potentially life-changing workshop series focused on issues that many women face during pregnancy and for many years to come after!

This 6 part workshop series has been developed to help women who are newly postpartum, have pelvic floor symptoms, have trouble ‘feeling’ exercises in their core or just want to be more efficient and effective in their core strengthening.

Spa Bliss Restorative Yoga Class

Our SPA-BLISS RESTORATIVE YOGA class was great way to spend ‘YOU’ time pampering/ nourishing the body/mind. It is a fully supported with props, mindful practice that touches upon all body’s senses to discover a deeper awareness. The extended holds of restorative poses promote deep relaxation leaving the practitioner with a blissed out feeling. Extended guided meditation at the end and participants left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated from hands on assists and massages, a calming candlelit room atmosphere, delightful scents/essential oils and soothing music & a sweet chocolate surprise at the end!

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