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Fitness for you, 

Fitness for your child, 

Same time,

Same Goal

Feel Good, Stay Active ....

It's a win-win!

Now enrolling for

FitPlay Hybrid Classes!

Looking to get in a workout while your little one burns off some energy too?


Here’s your opportunity to take time out for yourself with a full-body workout while enjoying time with your child following along with age-appropriate activity and movement.


FitPlay is designed for children ages 2-6 to keep them active and create a love for fitness and health from a young age. Through games, songs, and basic exercises, children will learn how much fun staying active can be. In addition, there will be a 5-10 minute activity focused on nutrition and healthy eating, and you’ll walk out with a healthy recipe for you and your child to try. This popular program was designed to be 2 separate classes with you in our training room and your child in our group fitness room. However, our Covid-19 Hybrid Style offers joint participation of you and your child, as well as and added online component. 

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Registration Information:

  • Classes will be held Friday mornings from 9:30 - 10:30 with additional time slots added as needed. 

  • The full session is 4 weeks, with added sessions based on interest. 

  •  Space is limited and drop-ins are not available.  You can hold your spot with just a few clicks by clicking the Register Now button below.

  • Pricing for the 4 week session:

    • 4 Weeks $80 ( $20 per class) 

Register for our next 4 week session:
Friday September 18 - Friday October 9

  1. Click the register now button below.

  2. Sign into your account or create a new one. 

  3. Checkout.

  4. Questions? Email or call 978-496-1846.

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